March 20, 2016

Experience & Positive Advice For New Vegans From Vegans

"Accidentally vegan lists are a pleasant surprise when you first become vegan. Hello bbq shapes!" - Claire.

"Do it for your own reasons. And do it your way! Don't let anyone shake your beliefs but be open to learning new things. There are 2 sides to every story - so know where you stand, by knowing the full story! Food is the easy part... I didn't know I would have to be so humble."

But it has changed my life for the better, and it will positively impact yours!" - Christie

"Don't apologize for your choices. At the same time, don't be preachy, angry or judgemental. It makes the rest of us look bad." - Jennifer

"Read blogs- do lots of research"- Kathryn

"Educate yourself, read everything you can find and never give up. It is the easiest and most profound thing I have ever done. The animals are worth it." - Lori

"Spend time with animals"- Lynden

"There is a detox period and that is not fun!!! My head hurt so bad and I could barely move from my sofa!! It only last three days and then I really did feel amazing!! So much energy but I quickly realized that I was not a healthy vegan as I thought I was. Watch out for oils in tofu and the oils that you cook your veggies in!!! I again seven pounds in the six months that I went vegan!! I should have done more research like everyone is saying!! I might try it again soon now that I'm a little more informed. Now I'm eating mostly veggies! Good luck!" - Jamese

"Visit a growers or farmers market and let yourself be totally inspired!" - Angi

"Pinterest has been my go to for finding recipes and inspiration, and if I find something I like I'll check out the blog it's linked to. Having a well stocked pantry with healthy essentials like herbs and spices, lentils, canned tomatoes etc has made it easier to put together meals based on what I feel like. Your supermarket guide was helpful too smile emoticon." - Kylie

"take one day at a time and dont beat yourself up if you slip up." - Cyndi

"Meal planning and organisation will do wonders, check out heaps of vegan blogs/books for recipes and inspiration. Most of all don't be hard on yourself, enjoy and embrace the change. If you are doing it for the right reasons it won't feel like you are giving something up." - Tash

"Gather as many vegan cookbooks as possible with lots of pictures and get familiar with cooking and new techniques. Eating everything you want, as much as you want, cruelty free! Get health info from and" - Tata

"Have faith in your decisions and don't ever think that 'it is just too hard'. So many people tell me that it would be too hard for them to become vegan, when in fact the transition is not that hard at all. Remember that you are doing it for the greater good of all living creatures and also bettering your own health. Take meals that you enjoy and find substitutes to recreate those meals, it's a lot easier than you think and your body will love you for it!" - Steph.

"Keep yourself accountable with a friend started his/her journey as well! That helped me a lot :)" - Carol

"Get yourself acquainted with some good vegan chocolate and icecream, so you're not tempted to go for the dairy stuff 👍" - Zoe

"Aaaah yessss👆👆 get yourself a yonanas if vegan ice cream is difficult to find 😜. It's hard to get it here in Japan 😢" - Carol

"make your fruit & vegetable store you main source of fuel. It's about eating real food not foods that mimic the foods you made a conscious choice not to eat xx"

"Take it easy, one meal at a time :) we all make mistakes!" - Emz

"Ignore bad comments of dumb people who claim to "know, that this could never be healthy" - Linzi

"Find your vegan comfort food, something easy and quick that you can always go back to when cravings hit you, mine is vegan risotto with pesto it is creamy rich and hits the spot" - Palomak

"Try to get a combo of fiber and protein in every meal to keep you full, take a vitamin b12 supplement & earth balance has good substitutes for mayo and butter!" - Relak

"Don't look for anything to taste exactly like the things you've left behind! Appreciate ft he good you are eating & the new flavors." - Tess

"Have a (veggie friendly) cheat meal! Recreate an old favorite or indulge in some vegan junk food. Without this, I feel like people get overwhelmed & feel like quitting. Also, always remember why you started." - Seb

"Instead of looking at the transition to Veganism as a diet, where you are depriving yourself. Look at it as a new lifestyle of abundance, where you can eat all the fruits and vegetables your heart desires. Make it fun, try a new fruit or vegetable anytime you get the chance! Overtime you will retrain your taste buds and I swear fruits and vegetables have never tasted so good! (I literally start salivating at the sight of an apple these days!) Engulf yourself in readings and documentaries, look to inspirational vegans on the internet for additional support, tips, recipes, and guidance along the way. Veganism is a kinder, simpler lifestyle that reconnects you with nature and all earths beings including your true self. Most of all, please do not beat yourself up if you fall- be patient, be kind, and be loving to yourself along the way and always!" - The Organic Giraffe

"Learn the benefits of what your eating. For example, everyone's concerned with where you'll get your protein, beans are a great source of protein and contain many other vitamins and minerals such as iron and a great source of fiber! Quinoa is amazing because it's a complete protein, is also a very good source of iron and magnesium! This way you're aware and can feel good about what your eating and can outsmart all the sillies who ask you "where you get your protein" :)" - Veg Life

" vegan beer and wine directory. Some commercially made drinks aren't vegan at all as a friend of mine pointed out.. 🍷🍺" - JR

"Educate yourself on what food you need to eat and how much to get all the nutrition you need. Research ingredients. And be positive!" - Jay


  1. Get a B12 supplement and prepare answers for "Where do you get your protein/calcium/iron/omega 3?" You'll get them a lot and it's important to know how to get everything you need.